Point and Shoot

By shirleypickford

Celebrating VSO

I was too overwhelmed at the 40 year reunion of Nigeria volunteers to take any photos, but have now regained enough composure to take a picture of my Abuja Pottery tankard. I made a collage with a 39 year old picture from the day that Ladi Kwali presented the tankards to each volunteer.  

The reunion was for the Niger State volunteers of 1978-1980 and one of the many stories was of the presentation.  Although we were a sociable and supportive group, not everyone could make it to every gathering as we were posted up to 6 hours away from each other. Nine were at the presentation, including seven who also made it to the reunion in Bristol.

Forty years ago I knew very little about the Abuja Pottery.  Occasionally I would use the tankard as a coffee mug, until several years later someone mentioned that I was fortunate to have met the famous Ladi Kwali. Since then I have learned much about the pottery and the reunion was an opportunity to discover more about how the event was arranged. 

VSO is celebrating 60 years and I am delighted to have been a part of the story. 

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