a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Looking up

WideWednesday: Looking Up

A fisheye shot of the trees in the garden taken in this afternoon's glorious (and slightly unseasonal) warm Autumnal sunshine.  We're due for some rain tomorrow, so its nice to be able to make the most of the conditions.

There has been no real change with the facial paralysis today,  truth to be told, it is very slightly worse if anything - but I haven't finished the course of drugs yet.  As a result, reading for more than a few minutes is near impossible at present,  as is trying to do anything on screen - most frustratingly.  

I shall be pleased to get off the steroids, which seem to be messing about with my sleep pattern and producing somewhat unsettling dreams.  The dose gradually starts to reduce from tomorrow, so that's good news. 

Still, looking on the bright side, my inability to read books or spend time on the computer does mean that I have plenty of time to practise my guitar playing and I can at least listen to audiobooks, so its far from a complete disaster.  I'm actually really enjoying the opportunity to invest some time in the guitar, without any guilt that I'm not getting on with other more important jobs.

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