At the weekend I had a huge argument with our daughter Johanna (Ruby's Mummy) but it was a good natured argument, more of a disagreement really.
We were doing a 'Brunch' (Breakfast/Lunch of Sausage, Bacon, Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Eggs etc.). Johanna took the eggs out of the fridge (I know, eggs shouldn't be kept in a fridge but we do). When she opened the box she checked the date stamped on the eggs and it was "BB 29 Sep 18". She said she wouldn't eat them because they'd gone off. 
I said they were fine because BB is Best Before, not Use By.
I don't even bother with Use By if it's within a couple of days and appears to be ok.
She was adamant that they were not fit for human consumption and I tried to impress on her the difference between Best Before and Use By terminology.
She wouldn't have it and got the other box out and used the newer eggs.

Tonight I decided to have eggs again and when I opened the box I found a note on top of the eggs. 
It really made me laugh, and then I ate the eggs! HAHAHAHAHAHA

N.B. further research reveals that eggs are edible up to 6 weeks, and more, after a Best Before date. They really are a great food and have a long shelf life.

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