Hand rail

There are a few steps up  to Betty's and the hand rail on the very top step/platform has been missing for a while. It rotted away, I botched it a couple of times but a few weeks ago keith made this new one. It was a fiddly job and he spent a lot of careful time working on it.

My plan was to paint it, but the weather turned too cold. Now it has become warmer again, oddly enough in October, I began the painting. Today the last coat was applied and I am delighted by the result. I won't have to worry any longer, about unsuspecting visitors pitching off into space in the dark. 

Tomorrow I plan to paint the steps, maybe. I painted the red house steps (red) at the start of the summer and we like them, then it got so hot I stopped working and lay in the hammock reading. Not sure if Betty's will look better red or not, but the ones at our front door will be red before the end of the day!

I pulled an ancient black sheepskin coat to bits today, intending to make a throw from most of it. It's very fine curls, made to look like astrakhan I think. I am hopeful that no unborn lambs gave their lives for this garment, which weighed a ton and was broken in several places. It took me two hours to unpick and un-line it, and now I have one very nice piece of usable material, and some bit s that I'll have fun with. Slippers perhaps? Cuffs to keep hands warm?

The evening was spent at the Left Party, dissecting the election and the pros and cons of what was done. I love this sort of thing, lessons learned and so on. We are both still not 100%, temperature regulators seem to be going a bit haywire, so we are taking things easy. Didn't stop us from booking another trip to the UK, just a week after we get back from the first one. One goes north, one goes south. And then, soon after that it will be Christmas!

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