Narrow-leaved Ash

At this time of year Narrow-leaved Ash 'Raywood' planted in towns and cities, and along new roads, make themselves obvious with their beautiful reddish to burgundy coloured foliage, which is very different from the golden hues of our native Ash.  

This tree is a native of southern Europe and was introduced to Britain around 1800. Until recently it was found infrequently in parks and gardens, mainly in the south but it's become a favourite of many landscape architects on account of its autumn colour, and is often planted with Wild Cherry, Norway Maple and Southern Dogwood, all of which also produce spectacular autumn hues.

Although Wild Cherry is a British native, the other trees are all introductions, which are able to reproduce freely in the UK. They have  already been found in semi-natural habitats away from original plantings and it remains to be seen whether they will have a significant impact on our native flora.

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