extra grip

Pleased that I managed to get this in the morning as I saw little other daylight for the rest of the day due to the impolite and unthoughtful placement of meetings at either side of the official lunch window. The further unfortune of a two-levels-up management-personage at the post-lunch team meeting made it somehow difficult to eat my hastily-grabbed sandwich during the meeting seeing as everyone was being strangely polite and quiet and the crunching of the vegetables in my wrap would not have passed unnoticed. Not entirely sure what his purpose was (or indeed is) but the effect was not entirely unbeneficial with everyone behaving and not overdoing the talking-over-other-people stuff. There was one other guest who had the strange habit of speaking almost entirely in stock phrases and clichés (of normal run-of-the-mill bricks-and-mortar language rather than business-specific buzzword-arsespeak) when not speaking of things too specialised or specific. Stock phrases and clichés obviously have to come about in the first place from repeated use but when someone uses them far too often it makes them sound like a robot or alien who's learnt to speak from a particularly badly-written book. He did lots of non-mimed-but-very-obvious verbal quotes, too... I noted down a few examples but they're in my work notebook so I'll have to try and remember to add them tomorrow.

Speaking thereof: I have set an alarm on my phone for 15:57 tomorrow. When it sounds I shall pack my things and leave; I could have waited until tomorrow to do the things I did this evening but didn't as they'd probably have taken longer. My nose isn't thanking me for it but I shall give it a nice airing on the way in tomorrow morning and a reasonable amount of soothing outdoor-time tomorrow afternoon to make up for it.

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