It was cloudy all day, threatened rain, there was only a sprinkle on the golf course this afternoon and they forecast storms for the weekend.  What is one meant to do when it rains in spring.  

Anyhow, I walked to my daughter in law's house this morning to spend time with her and the baby (and the baby is growing).  I thought there would be a flower or two to snap on the way......nothing that inspired me.
However, when I arrived at the golf club this afternoon I noticed the irises in the front garden of the house over the road.  Luckily the wind wasn't blowing, as it usually is when I have admired the garden in the past, there were irises everywhere - along the front of the house and inside the front fence.  My lucky day.  They were stunning.  I hauled a few of the golfing girls over to have a look, including SK, and they were all delighted to see them too.
Ok, enough palaver about the irises.

Golf was good - only nine holes but fun.

Thanks to Anni of BikerBear for her tireless efforts in hosting Flower Friday - much appreciated, Anni.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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