Here we go again!

This is my attempt to depict the pre-migraine aura I experience that disturbs my vision. Part of my field of view is lost to a curved line of light - more intense than I've achieved here - and edged by zig zag lines and geometric flashes of colour. I think it's also called Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD). And it is depressing. From the second of its onset to the return of normal vision (and the kicking in of a headache) is half an hour. That's the good news. It means I have long enough to take a pain killer and take the edge off the pain when the headache arrives. Pink Migraleve tablets (such as I took today) usually stop the migraine in its tracks. The bad news is that, while I'm getting this more and more frequently, Migraleve had disappeared from the shops. No-one seems to know why or if they will return anon. I have a dwindling supply.

Anyway, today, my vision is back and I have only the slightest of headaches.

Enjoyed watching the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie this morning - a distraction from the howling gales outside. Wasn't sure about that reading from The Great Gatsby, though. It's many years since I read it, but - charming smile or not - Gatsby wasn't a terribly nice character, was he? Another couple of poppies crocheted while I watched, though, to accompany my yesterblipped!

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