Foreign Guy

Doug and I walked the cliff track this afternoon - as we were nearing the lighthouse we could see this para-glider in the distance. 
Of course, the camera was with me as I intended taking the rapeseed paddocks which line the cliff track.  Took quite a few photos as we passed him, and then on our return I took some more.  
We sat on the seat which is overlooks Jacks Point reef for a while watching him.  He obviously was watching me too as he glided up to where I was, hovered then landed right beside me. 
I braced myself to be scolded for taking his photo but it was quite the opposite asking if I would email some of the photos to him.  
I had to remember his email address, he explained that he had lived in Canada and South Africa hence the blip title and his email address.

I've emailed him 17 images. Hope he likes them. Flickr set


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