By minniemouse1966

All the best laid plans

When we visited the safari park in the summer we were given a free return ticket so we had planned to go today as Plan A but unfortunately the weather forcast put a windy dampener on that earlier in the week so to Plan B to begin Christmas shopping at our local shopping centre, then our central heating boiler decided to start playing up so hubby put Plan B in jeopardy by arranging for his friend to come and look at the boiler so onto to Plan C if his friend came and wasn't here to long we would still go shopping. Well hubby's friend can't tell the time (not really true) and arrived 3/4 of an hour later than he said after a phone call to check he was still able to come, he was here for around half an hour restoring a problem valve so decided to move to Plan D to stay at home for lunch and then nip into town for a couple of things we needed from shops that are not at the centre and go to the shopping centre tomorrow. Fingers crossed. So after lunch we went into town (we don't go very often as the shopping centre has more shops obviously) so it was nice to see the fountain in the centre of the market place has been restored to its former glory and is now working again.

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