By davesfotos

All in a mornings work !!

A good morning weather wise and time to tidy up the pond for winter.
I started at 9.30 by cleaning the fountain and followed on with plant cutting back.
Unfortunately after half an I sliced one of my fingers with the secateurs and it looked quite bad.
So I got out of the pond took the waders off with some difficulty and headed back to the house.
MrsD was out with Molly so I washed the wound and covered it with betadine.
I then folded the skin back and applied 3 plasters and a kitchen rubber glove.
No time to loose I went back to the pond taking some garden rubber gloves to protect the left hand and damaged finger.
Once back in the water I continued my job until finished an hour later at noon and heaped everything up to be taken away later.
I returned indoors and showed MrsD the wound and she thought it best to take me to our local hospital as she thought it might need stitches.
We arrived and we're seen very quickly by two nurses who cleaned it and said I'd have to wait a bit for the doctor to have a look.
He soon came and said I'd done the right thing in folding it back and he said he would glue it back with super glue I said if I'd known that I could have done it myself which he found quite amusing.
I've got strict instructions to keep it dry and no work especially garden work for at least 3 days.
So a busy eventful morning but I'm glad I finished the pond work first with just a little bit to finish later including moving all the cuttings which is today's blip.
The next few won't be easy as I'm going to get restless I'm sure.
So TV sport for me this afternoon I hope you have a good day too and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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