By Leiflife

In the midst of being me...

...and wondering where I am. 

I had begun to write about this, and it published itself prematurely. This lack of control over the various distractions and interruptions coming my way these days makes it seem kind of normal. It has taken me over two weeks just to arrive at the possibility of publishing. I thought I had something wonderful to share. Why so difficult to do more than visit the photos taken by Austin at the museum performance with my RX100. Not great... But something captured of the magic of the evening, which was so much more that my brief performance of Dancing With My Father... 

Recently, my father's September 29th birthday was declared Walter Anderson Day by the Mississippi House of Representatives, and all of that week was filled with Walterly events, such as A Walk In The Woods with Walter, or A Bike Ride with Walter. The evening that I danced was called The Walter Anderson Legacy Celebration. There was a small exhibit with art by three generations of offspring. A marvelous remembrance by my sister, Mary, of Mere: daddy's mother and our grandmother. Annette McConnell Anderson, who started it all by cultivating art as a way of life.Walter's four children were given plaques, etc. etc. And then I moved forward, nerves and all, and allowed that old familiar magic to take place.

In the photo you will see the responsive faces of family members, museum employees, and friends. More family members than have ever been present at one of my performances. I honestly can't help the vulnerability that comes over me when I dance and recite the words from my book: Dancing With My Father. In fact, it is a necessary element. It makes communion possible, and I am thankful for the mirroring that happens. I am moved by the soulful and open expressions on the faces of those present. You will also see part of the murals painted by my father in the fifties. So radiant and contributory to many a dance of many sorts. Once again they blessed the dancing of his daughter. Thank you, Daddy. Happy Birthday!

One extra...I like the melding of my body with those amazing walls.

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