Eetu, Aino and evening

Cooking sunroot artichoke soup and salmon soup today. Some gardening too, collecting red ans yellow leaves from our maples. Cutting decoration cherry tree branches. We also visited to centre of the city in the afternoon and watched a movie.

The idea of a movie was mine, as my son seemed a bit tired (today only 67 mornings left in the army brigade). I wanted to offer something fun for him and his choice was excellent: Johnny English strikes again.  

Our daughter seems to stay home until tomorrow. Her little grey old gerbil girl had died during last night - having cancer kind of thing in it's stomach her death was a relief. Nothing can be done really to these little pets.... 

My daughter went out photographing bright leaves with her friend today, but all that I had time for was to shoot my birds in the evening. 

Thanks for popping by and hope you had a good evening!


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