Autumn in all its glory

The main is the glorious colour, the extra the glorious vista when you climb up a bit higher. Today was fabulously warm and sunny, it got really hot and we were in shirt sleeves as we walked, incredible for October. 

I spent some time knitting this morning, and listening to the radio as I did my many stitches round the bottom of the jumper. I have to add a line or two in the new colour to make it all hang together well, but it's a long way round! One of my Sunday habits is to listen to the service for an hour, it was thanksgiving Sunday today and revolved around gratitude for all the gifts we have been given. Amen to that.

This evening we drove back to the same church in Häggdånger, that we visited last week. This time to hear a cello and piano being played magnificently by two young musicians from our area. Ronja Schneider and Eskil Lindbäck) Pärt was the first section, I love Arvo Pärt's later music and have several CDs. So sparse, calm, & curiously mystical, so that was a complete treat. So much so that we put a CD on as soon as we got in!

Here's Spiegel im Spiegel, one of the pieces played this evening.

The second, and bigger section, was Beethoven being brilliant in a piano sonato (number 17 i D minor), and a cello sonato (number 3 in A Major). It was relentlessly dramatic and actually tiring to listen to - however skillfully and fast they played. I kept thinking about silent movies and train wrecks, high drama and suchlike. Overwhelming. But I'm very glad we were there to listen, the audience was about 20 people, a shame when the music was so well played, but like a private session for those who were there. We knew 3 of the people listening...

I am not that interested in later classical music to be honest, preferring compositions before the late Baroque period to almost anything else.And - of course - I love the magnificent modern Pärt who is still living and breathing amongst us! I get sort of jangly when there's too much going on... some wandering-about-the place jazz makes me actually cry it's so upsetting...

It's been a lovely day, a proper Sunday. Hope your day has been good too, and all the best for the week ahead.

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