Plus ça change...

By SooB

Almond harvest

Today was the big day: time to crack open our first ever almond harvest. Granted, at one nut, it is not going to set any records, but I feel it made up what it lacked in quantity, with quality.

Once I found one of our three sets of nutcrackers (I am the only nut eater in the family so it is odd that we have three sets, and equally odd that I couldn’t find them) we had the ceremonial opening, the ceremonial cutting into four pieces, and the reverential tasting. Quite the best almond I’ve ever tasted, but I may be biased. Amazingly, both the nut-hating kids tried it and pronounced it not the worst thing they’ve eaten (they both had a slight reversal on their nut policy a while ago when I explained the truth about Nutella (sheesh, the clue is in the name) and marzipan.

Later, a family game was mooted, and ended up being the game TallGirl and her pals made up for an Economics project last year. Sort of a complicated, never-ending monopoly. We called a halt after very many hours and, turns out, to win at life you need to do as little as possible and - if you can wangle it - spend most of the game in jail for fraud. I made the mistake of investing in businesses and factories and so ended up being massively taxed and nearly went bankrupt. And that says all you need to know about France. They got an A for their project.

Later, CarbBoy did homework plus extra homework (I’m liking what having his phone confiscated is doing to him) and then took his bed to bits so I can start work on building a new one. Sadly I think Mr B has used some of the wood for other projects.

Much baking and cooking. Roast pork dinner, Poires Belle Helene for pud and a timey-wimey movie about aliens (Mr B’s suggestion of The Longest Day was voted down by the troops).

In other words, a fine family day.

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