Playful in the Priory (Christchurch U.K.), MMBB

Fellow blipper13 South inspired me to visit Christchurch’s Monday market. Took an early’ish bus (by our standards). Expected to find some ‘local produce’, but not to be. Will have to return in the Spring and see if there’s more.

So wandered up and down. Had a coffee. Walked round the priory looking for blip ideas. Luckily found this statue:-

“This sculpture was the winning design for a competition held to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the building of Christchurch Priory 1094 to 1994. Sculptor – Jonathan Sells.

It reflects a humorous picture of events and life in the long history of the Priory.

On this side (A):- A man from Henry VIII’s era rings the bell while supporting the vicar of Christchurch on his head, with a sword in the other hand, kicking a monk”

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