The Many Adventures of Minny Blipper

He turned and looked over his shoulder .... Look, said Marie, Isn't that the most gorgeous wedding cake you ever saw in your whole life. 
And indeed it was gorgeous taking up the whole window display.

Erm.  Yep, it's pretty speccy, that's for sure.  Knowing that he could never afford a cake like that in a blue fit, even if Marie did agree to get married.

Minny was overcome by the beauty of the surroundings, the romantic little cafe, and the beauty of Marie.  Perhaps it was the glow of the pink umbrella lighting up her complexion, and perhaps it was also the thought he might lose Marie, but Minny came to a very sudden decision.

Erm.  Marie...

yes Minny?

Marie - iloveyouverymuchwillyoumarryme?

Sorry Minny, didn't quite catch that - you spoke so fast.  Poor Minny - he turned bright pink and thought, Oh Lord, do I actually have to say it again .  He plucked up every inch of his courage - this was much harder than fighting off bears:

Marie - iloveyouverymuchwillyoumarryme?

This time Marie caught just two words - love and marry.

Oh Minny, she breathed.  Of course I will.  I love you too.  And reading his mind she said, Don't worry about the cake.  Dad will make us one.

And they reached across the table and tried to get a kiss, but the table was a bit too big, so it didn't work out.

Hang on Marie, said Minny masterfully.  He got up and walked around the table and they had the biggest, longest kiss in the whole history of Lego. (Not shown for privacy reasons)

Finally breaking off for a breath of air, they turned around together and saw.........

(Wedding cake in extras.  Join me same time same place next week, for the next romantic adventure of Minny Blipper and his Fiancee Marie)

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