Nature's little quirks -TT177

At first glance this might look like a flower, a bit weird one, but still, it has what seems like petals and a core. Come closer and you see that it's a pod opening up to show orange berry-like fruits, this is the seed pod of the Giant Elephant's Ear plant (Alocasia odora). This is what I love about getting closer to plants with my macro lens, to discover and show the details of nature's wonders. I'm never sure if it really falls under macros, as nowadays for macro competitions microscopic images seem to be the main winners, but for me slightly enlarging the natural world so that it goes just beyond what our eyes can see and our minds will normally register is already enough.

For Tiny Tuesday, with huge thanks to WalkingWombat for setting this challenge up years ago and hosting this month again :-)

Thank you for your kind comments and stars on yesterday's Blip and its extra :-) We're going to try the Indonesian rijsttafel with the same views tonight

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