An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

And the fun goes on...

I have had the perfect day.  

Baby Faith spent most of the afternoon in my arms either chatting and blowing raspberries or sleeping.  I am definitely going to miss the weight of her perfect little baby body snuggled into me.

As David is out on a Tuesday evening we had a chippy dinner to save time after which Anna and I had fun with snap chat filters.  Her hearty giggles at seeing each shot are infectious and impossible not to join in with.

When the novelty of the filters wore off Anna did my hair for me.  I am now sporting bunches and a myriad of clasps (there was a slight melt down earlier when Lola managed to steal and chew one of her clasps.  Oops.  Unfortunately four year olds leave all their stuff just at Lola height!)  

She "dressed" me too and apparently I am now wearing a very sparkly blue dress aka Elsa from Frozen, as well as very sparkly shoes, necklace, earrings and a bracelet.  I am also sporting (hypothetically thank goodness) pink and purple eye shadow, bright pink cheeks, pink lipstick and lipgloss.  She tells me I look "very beautiful."  Oh to have the imagination of a four year old!  :-))

She has now gone upstairs with her dad to have a bath but I can hear her shouting at him so he's obviously doing things in the wrong order so her mum has gone up to be referee.  

Hopefully I will get bedtime cuddles with both Anna and Faith.

Things have taken a tiny step forward re. L's visa.  Please keep everything crossed for them to get some good news tomorrow.

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