Big Hill

By bighill

Very messy....

but oh so exciting!  This is such a crazy process.....these are just the beginnings of paintings.....this process is so different from any other i've tried.....applying paint/cold wax combo, scribbling thro the layers, adding more layers.....i started 6 pieces today!   the idea being that you can just keep going on new pieces for a period of time, without having to rely on the first one being ready to accept more paint!   keeping it all in some kind of chaotic order is challenging for sure....but i'm slowly learning how to use the tools, how to watch as the colours blend, and how much pressure to apply!  it is pretty cool.  tomorrow hopefully a couple of these will be ready for another layer!

a very blustery day of those fall days that one moment is bright and shiny, and the next dark and threatening!   and all the time the wind.....bringing down all the beautiful colourful leaves....laying them on the ground!

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