By trisharooni

Royal Watching

This is a backblip from your girl on the spot.

I was in the city today when I realised Harry and Meghan were visiting Sydney.
I decided at the last minute to get off at Circular Quay and walk to the Opera House.
I do like an event.

I was amazed at the amount of security.
I think a third of the crowd were security of one form or another.
I ended up standing on a bench next to a plain clothes security person, not that we discussed this fact.

There were helicopters above and water police below.
It was almost impossible to get a decent shot, as everybody simply held up their phones and took pot luck, and the movement was constant, so no chance to focus.
I'll put up a flickr set when I have a decent connection.
The main blip is of one of many police boats on the water and I'm amazed that even from such a distance, I think two of these fellows have clocked me.  You may need to go large to see what I mean.
The extra is a shabby photo of the first appearance of the royal couple .

I do have a wonderful photo of Meghan Markle's right eye:))

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