Autumn in the Lower Gardens

Did some paperwork this morning, fathoming out my latest Apple IOS update to ‘Mojave’. Changes seemed easy to handle, but then got caught unawares, eg some desktop files disappeared, but luckily in fact they hadn’t.

Just walked down to Côte. Booked late lunch for today as weather forecast wasn’t promising. And they got it right. Definitely Autumnal.

The birds and squirrels are all busy rummaging for food, and shooing each other away.

Waiting for the main. Had a pleasant warm leek vinaigrette to start. Veggie sausages ordered to follow. Accompanied by cidre breton :-).

Food arrived. Bi for now x

Now about to order crème caramel. Then a longish walk, before returning home, seems sensible.

NB Then slept from 4:30-6-30 :-(

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