V was back from Australia this morning so I spent a long time hearing about her travels and all the things she saw.
Various meetings - all straightforward including one where it was good to see the glimmers of a dawning strategy.
A called to say that she'd taken P to the audiologist and they made great progress with clearing the wax and then did a hearing test - he has only 10% left and, without his hearing aids, can only hear above 60db, but once cleaned out he thought they were shouting at him and was able to phone me tonight (first time he's used it for months). Lovely to hear how delighted he was and what a nice day he'd had with A - lunch and a walk along the river in Bedford. He's also looking forward to the safari park on Saturday. Such a relief to see this improvement!
Meeting and dinner at QMU...not many of us there but a good chat and as always was uplifting. Home for lots of phone calls about the weekend and more knitting

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