Pastel flowers, birds and butterflies

A visit to 'my' old  museum, to see the new extra exhibition about Peranakan photography and to see what has changed in the collection. Not much, I could still give a mini tour to DJ, although the memory was a bit rusty after 6 years ;-) This is the Peranakan Museum in Singapore, dedicated to a special group of the population in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Descendants of initial mixed marriages between Chinese men and local women, Arab men and local women or Indian men and local women. The main group is that of the Chinese variation and a hybrid culture followed with Chinese and Malay elements in the traditions, the food and the arts and crafts. They loved pastels, and their designs in ceramics and fabrics are very colourful and full of flowers, birds, butterflies and Chinese symbols.
In the collage part of the building, which was initially a school for Peranakan boys, two pieces of Peranakan ceramics, the so-named nyonyaware, and the amazing wedding costume a Peranakan bride would wear during the wedding parade to the house of her new family.
Lots of flowers, especially peonies, on her dress.
For Flower Friday with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting.

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries, and thank you for all your continuing kind comments and stars for my Blips while I'm hardly replying or commenting at all at the moment.

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