... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Wandsworth Common: Splashes of Colour

Brighter iridescence and nictitating membrane in large.
Extra: Shaking on the shore

I took loads of pictures at Wimbledon Park in the morning and thought that I'd be blipping a cygnet landinga great crested grebe flapping, or the GCG struggling with a fish, but then visited Wandsworth Common with my mother and spotted this magpie waiting to wash with the geese and swans in the sunshine... I took a whole series of shots (right from here) of it splashing, washing, shakingpreening, and drying, and struggled to choose my blip...
Also photographed a pretty pigeon, a handsome drake, and did some more in camera multi-exposure experimentation.

Today's whole lot are here (or right from Heron on pontoon)

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