By davesfotos

Olly meets Molly

It's getting colder early morning it was 6C but very soon it warmed up with the sun.
First job was to unblock the pond fountain and scoop out leaves.
Next I filled in the hole left by the Magnolia with a barrow load of compost and replanted the the plants we had to move.
I've decided to trim right back the Quince by the front entrance along with other shrubs.
I started with the Quince and have so far done about half as I had to stop at 11 to greet some visitors.
Two ladies arrived with their 5 month old Border terrier puppy girl called Olly and my goodness Molly loved the company.
Within minutes they were chasing each other around the garden while MrsD and I gave the guest's a tour.
After a good hour the dogs were finally slowing down as we four enjoyed an apértiff in the garden.
Molly was sad to see Olly leave but they will back another day for more fun and it's sure the two dogs will sleep this afternoon.
I'll be watching sport on TV and I hope you have a good day too and thanks for your visit it's appreciated.

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