Lady Ag-newd Manicure

Caramel coloured nude nail polish but with a little something extra for the festive season. I added a touch of fine gold glitter to the base of the nail with a small artists brush then spread it up the nail the with a clear top coat. To get an extra glossy finish, and make sure the glitter doesn't rub off, add an extra top coat.

A fun and festive glittery look, that still remains chic and feminine. It's a really easy and super effective way to get neat and polished glittery nails. I'm definitely going to be trying this in deep red for Christmas day!

*Just as an extra note of interest- the background in the above photo is the front of my coursework notebook from the national gallery. The cover is John Singer Sargent's portrait of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, one of my all time favourite artworks- its mesmerising. It's housed in the upper galleries of the Scottish National Gallery on the mound, so if you get the chance i'd hugely recommend going to see it.

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