Candle to the wind.

The new gas boiler is installed. And the cleanup began - had to clean out cupboards as the dust from the drilling managed to get in everywhere. What I found in the cupboards was amazing-coffee so old it had hardened, instant puddings which had expired 3 years ago. Cat flap cover-my cat died in 2004?? Even pasta way beyond expiry date- etc etc etc. This little candle was part of a gift set given to me many years ago by a poodle lover who showed her appreciation for tickets she received from me for Crufts. I have not exhibited at Crufts for 4 years.
After our walk this afternoon I put the glorious leaf on the kitchen table-the sun was shining onto it so added the little candle and got my blip. A long explanation but I am sure you hung on until the end !!

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