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By HarlingDarling


These rather gorgeous things are on sale in the county museum. I was charmed by them, even if the prices didn't charm me all that much. It's hard to pay proper prices when you make things yourself - and never sell then, just give them away. I do value the work and the skill, but I think I can more or less manage to make them myself....

Anyhow, the event was all about iron and I discovered quite quickly that I wasn't enjoying the macho vibe all that much. I love metal, but I love it in my own way. I love the tools and the fire and the elemental quality of the work but I'm happy to miss the leather clothes and tight little pigtails on men who only want to talk to each other. Now I'm being mean, we can just say that I wasn't in the mood. So I left.

I went to see my God-daughter and her parents and deliver a "basket of encouragement" Full of things to delight the mind, the hand and the mouth. They have had a hard week and deserved something nice to happen. I got coffee and conversation which was much more like what I wanted!

Then I made my way home, not feeling like seeing people or doing anything outdoors. I finished the main sewing on the sheepskin thingy, it is holding together nicely and I'm planning to add some ancient lace bits that I died a million years ago. Similar tone of puce, so it should add something tasty.

Had a long talk  with my lovely sister-in-law who is being worn out by teaching in a primary school that isn't organising work as well as it might. She has 6 children at high risk of never managing to fit into society as they have early experiences that have been very destructive, and 10 kids with statements, meaning they have special needs. 25% of an assistant is all the help she has for a class of about 30. No wonder people are leaving the profession in droves. I wouldn't last a morning before marching into the management office and asking for an official union meeting! 

Since I spent 14 years discussing, pushing and sometimes fighting for decent working conditions, ie what was ordained in the law and the agreements, this sort of  abuse makes me so angry - and very focussed. The people who pay the price, apart from the loyal, exhausted teachers, are of course the children who are missing their chances. 

This is where I get very political, but I feel sure you can imagine the ranting I could do about taxes being paid or not paid, used well or squandered, and the sort of society we want to work towards, the kind of ethics we want to encourage. So I'll stop here!

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