a globe...

...of colors

done in blown glass

an art form heralded from - as early as the 1st century - there have been bottles, pipes, figures - ornaments, vases - obviously it has evolved over the years

this piece is an art glass entitled - 'tree of gratitude' - "every day we are surrounded by many gifts - by taking the time to celebrate these gifts - we're able to feel gratitude for the people - or circumstances which allow us to have what we do - gratitude can come in many forms & just - like the roots of a tree it - can be deep and everlasting - by showing gratitude to those around us - we can acknowledge their efforts to make - our lives and the lives around them meaningful"

those are the words which - came with the globe - words which really spoke to me - for i find it important for us as humans - to try and find gratitude in our lives - it's a small way we can give back - show appreciation for what life has given to us - and i believe it can also lead to...


happy day.....

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