Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

Blackbird flying

Today I watched father blackbird fly backwards and forwards across the deck delivering apple to his chicks. It was some time before I realised it was a good opportunity to capture a bird in flight as he was so predictable.

 I sat there for an hour with little to show for my effort but scenes with either the tip of his beak or the end feathers of his tail - he was too fast or I was too slow.

After another half hour my speed had improved and at least I was getting him in the frame. One of the problems was that there isnt really enough light there, facing into the trees.

This shot was my best but I think there is room for improvement yet.

I am amazed at that blackbird. He has continued all day, taking apple to his two rambunctious offspring and he is still going as I write this. There has been no sign of Mother bird - he has been a solo Dad. I have had to provide more apple several times throughout the day and he chases off any other bird that comes near.

You can see Dad and one chick in the extra.

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