Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Looking down

It's been a day of small accomplishments in the garden.  I have by no means licked it into shape yet but there was much pulling out of weeds assisted by the hounds, well Poppy mainly, Hamish is not really into gardening.  A tiny patch is looking moderately passable and most of the dirt under my fingernails is gone.  Note to self to wear gloves next weekend when it begins again.

It's been cloudy and light sprinkling for most of the day.  To escape the weeds I took the hounds for a walk down the breakwall.  I stopped at Merewether on the way home and saw a whale breach just out from some surfers.  Did I have the lens pointing in the right direction.  Of course not!!!! 

I usually pick a shot with a facial expression I like.  You can't see this chaps here but I liked the water action and that you can almost imagine what it would be like to be on that board with him.

Many thanks for the love on yesterdays, much appreciated.

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