On the Singapore Flyer

Another day of playing the tourists and feasting on old-time favourites :-) A ride on the Singapore Flyer and a dinner at the East Coast Seafood Centre.
Just a couple of days more and it's back to autumn, cold and the diet ;-)

I did have a look at all Abstract Thursday entries, thanks so much for all your creative images, many of them very organic :-) Too much to do and discuss today to be able to comment on the entries, but I did sprinkle stars on all of them. This coming Thursday we'll be back home in The Netherlands again, if all goes well. The optional theme will be 'regular', do with that what you want, as long as it's abstract and you have fun finding or making an appropriate image ! The tag will be AT174

My list of 5 specials from last Thursday's entries:
seasidesusie   for an intriguing multi exposure
suejay50          for an abstract collection of autumn leaves
Dollykgray        for a beautiful physalis abtract
Nettinoo           for very vibrant acer leaves
frani                  for something definitely organic even if it could be anything

Thanks so much again for all your entries and thanks for all the kind comments, stars and even a fave for yesterday's lit Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay.

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