A lovely sunny morning and so we took our favourite hound for a long walk. Just the tonic, cobwebs blown away etc. 

On the way back we popped into the local Camera Club exhibition. The standard of exhibit is so very high. I'd been asked if I wanted to enter this year, but as you may have noticed I've not really been doing much proper photography and couldn't really find anything that I thought folks would want to see.
Anyway wandering around the room, looking at some frankly amazing photographs I think I realised that my problem is that I only really like taking pictures of people and unless I get off my arse and into the street that doesn't happen. So that's the problem..... Just need to work up the enthusiasm to fix it.

The rest of the day seemed to consist of general Saturday stuff, driving people about, playing guitar, avoiding DIY until the big fight!

It was an utterly surreal evening, there were three fighters we sort of had a connection with and when they were in the ring it was utterly mesmerising. The rest of the time it just seemed to be people trying to batter each other ;) It was fun though and if Cookie had fought earlier it would have been brilliant. 
I was hoping to get that classic boxer shot of a glove to the chops, face all askew, spittle flying. Alas there wasn't a lot of that, I did get quite close though (see extra).

As luck would have it the event overran so Sundays blip is in the bag ;)

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