... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Mad for Monkey Nuts

More competitive in large.
Extra: Ross'sling Flapping
Alternatives: Black-headed gull on gold and green & Posing parakeet

I took pictures of Tank marauding around on the wet grass in the bright morning sunshine, but then my mother and I went to see how the Ross'sling and its family were getting on, so Tank was displaced... 

It was tricky not to blip a cow goose: the Ross'sling (which is now pretty much as big as its mother, although it still has hints of brown juvenile plumage and its banded primaries), or its protective parents, but we found a crowd gathered at the parakeet feeding place, and the light made for rather fun photography with bright colourful backgrounds. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, even if the parakeets themselves found each other rather tiresome. I was pleased with close-ups of them feeding and interacting with people, as well as up in the trees and squabbling.

Others are all here (or right from Tank sunbathing)

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