Life in Newburgh on Ythan

By Talpa


I'm a lonely little redshank in a lapwing flock!

Since 1960 Lapwings, or peewits, have declined by 80% in England and Wales and by 30% in Scotland. What a pig's dinner we great apes are making of the countryside!

Another three extras from our Jordanian adventure.

The first one might explain how the zebra got its stripes!
Camels in Wadi Rum come next.
And finally a group of petroglyphs on a cliff wall in Wadi Rum. Over 20,000 of these enigmatic rock engravings, which are up to 12,000 years old, are known from Jordan. In this particular assemblage there are a number of recognisable mammals including Arabian Oryx with their long upright horns (now extinct in the wild) and Nubian Ibex with their swept back horns. At the lower right there seem to be men fighting leopards. At the extreme left there are a couple of long necked animals; could they be giraffes? Giraffes are now confined to Africa but their ancient fossils have been found in Syria.

Now that these animals are extinct or rare the local marksmen have taken to shooting the petroglyphs!

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