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Oregonians, NO ON 106

Sometimes it's hard to be Catholic.*

This weekend, instead of an edifying homily, all priests had to read a 
letter from the Archbishop telling us how to vote. 

I knew this was coming. I thought of skipping mass, but I couldn't. So I just sat and wrote in my journal and did my best not to listen to the harangue. 

Today I made two journal collages (see Extra) to express my feelings as an American about being ordered to vote a certain way. Where is the separation of Church and State? What about the rights of non-Catholic women? What about the consciences of Catholic women? 

I hope the Catholic women of Oregon will vote according to their consciences and common sense, just as they act according to their consciences and common sense when the vast majority of them who are of child-bearing age use effective forms of birth control, eschewing what is fondly known as Vatican Roulette. 

In voting Yes on 106 as the Archbishop insists, we would be depriving non-Catholic women, Catholic women who are pro-choice, and poor women in general the help of monetary assistance from the State of Oregon when they seek, for reasons best known to them, the termination of a pregnancy. (Remember, as you think about this, that many requests for termination are the result of a failure of contraception or failure to use contraception — and the Catholic Church deems contraception a grave sin.)

If you believe that the Catholic Church should not be able to tell Americans how to vote, and if you live in Oregon, please vote NO on Ballot Measure 106.

Extra: Except for "NO GIRLS ALLOWED!!" all writing added by me (including the #MeToo t-shirt). The collaged photo and the printed sign are from the Catholic Sentinel, which the Archbishop has been filling with archconservative propaganda.

*After earthdreamer — the Sometimes series, not the sentiment.

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