Today was a nice day for a trip to the zoo with my great granddaughter and her mommy. It was cloudy and a little bit cool, but walking the hills of the zoo grounds can really warm me up so it was perfect. The best news is that the animals are generally moving around more when it is cooler. The next great thing was that there were very few people at the zoo; we found a parking place right by the front gate! Perfect timing....the rain started as we drove home. It was a very good day. 

It was a good way for my granddaughter to reconnect with me; she has been upset with me for too long. Life has been challenging for her and it seems like blaming me was.......maybe necessary? Anyway, we had a good day and it feels like we are "okay" again.  Tough love is never easy for anyone!      See the extra for the  happy mother and daughter.

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