Wide/Wild Wednesday: "Whoops"!

In the spring we planted a courgette (zucchini) plant in our vegetable bed and enjoyed several tasty morsels from it. We thought it had finished producing fruit for the year, as autumn had crept on, and we've neglected it for the last several weeks. However when we came to look at it recently we discovered that it has gone rather wild and produced this huge marrow - whoops! (The ruler beside it gives you an idea of its size.)

So I set my zoom lens to its widest setting so that I could fit it all in on a close-up and therefore tag it for today's Wide Wednesday challenge as there's no special theme this week (thanks Bobsblips). And as it's gone rather wild I thought maybe it could justifiably be tagged for Cailleach's Wild Wednesday challenge too.

I suspect we may be having stuffed marrow for tea before long...!

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