Biskit is feeling better . . .

So I have included him in ‘extras’.  He looks a little startled as I had left the flash turned on in the telephone.  A completely different dog to the one I had to ‘emergency dog sit’ last Thursday.
We (Mrs W and I) took the grandkids and Biskit to Ferry Meadows (Peterborough) today.  The blip was taken across Lynch Lake as we walked back to the car after lunch.  The burgers were a bit big for Oliver and Kaitlyn, but Biskit being a gentleman dog helped out.
One of the great things about Ferry Meadows is that it is 100% dog friendly, and Biskit gets to run hurtle around with lots of new friends.  The other thing with dog friendly places is that they are ALWAYS people friendly places, including the kids.
Also at extra the 'tree owl' that I think someone has blipped before me.

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