Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

What's this apple stuff you put out?

Nosey tui couldnt bear to be missing out on anything so came to investigate the blackbird's apple. He tried it (see extra) but wasn't impressed and flew back to the sugar water.

The chicks are doing really well. I was a bit worried that they might think apple and kiwifruit were their only food so googled to find what else they would eat. I found out that dog food is a good substitute for meal worms so to the shops I went. They loved it, so did the starlings and the thrushes. Sometimes it feels like a bird cafeteria here.

I had a nasty fright when I spotted Dad blackbird lying in the garden this afternoon - I thought he was dead. However, he was lying in the sun warmed bark with his wings spread, just basking.  Things are getting easier for him now with the chicks getting very independent and starting to feed themselves. Thank heavens for that.

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