Role-playing on Sandö again

No details will be provided as we have to protect the innocent! But today we spent 5 hours in the outdoors, by the river, role-playing a scenario for participants on a course at FBA. Folke Bernadotte Academy  In the extra you can see one of the major props, plus one of the actors. A highly paid specialist of course (this is his second time), and specially brought in for the day along with 2 others.

My day ended when the final group decided I should get into their vehicle, and then they drove off with me, leaving the scene ( and a staff of 4) behind them. It was certainly a lot cosier in their nice car, than it was hanging about in the freezing cold whilst they decided what to do to resolve the situation. Eventually the rest of the actors and leaders reappeared indoors, by which time I was boiling hot in my padded clothes!

So, not a day like any other day - a day when exciting things happened to other people and we got to be part of the training course again. Really fun to be involved, and I am now tired in the same way you are after a day of sailing or canoeing. Being out in the sunny, cold air does that, I guess. 

The main picture shows the view we had all day, although mostly it was in daylight. Sandö bridge was opened in 1943 and used to be the only way to go from north to south, now we have a suspension bridge a little further down the river. As it says on Wikipedia: During the construction, the bridge collapsed on 31 August 1939, and 18 workers were killed. This accident was given little attention by the press, since world war 2 started the morning after. Here's the link. The photo of the bridge in the link, is keith's work - taken in February.

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