Brave Blue World

By OlliEcological

Heat and warmth.

Looking like some ad creative's effort at a Mastercard advert, this is merely an amalgamation of my two current favourite spices - Cayenne (the heat) and Turmeric (the warmth).

To be honest, Cayenne will almost always always feature in stuff I cook. Obviously it goes into Mexican/ South American things, but also finds its way into almost every soup I make, most curries and a lot of pasta, risotto, omelettes and even salad dressings. I need the heat!

But Turmeric has overtaken Cumin as my most-used spice (by volume) in recipes - I'm addicted to the earthy and warm base it gives to everything. I'm currently getting through 100g per week. That's quite a lot. Fortunately curcumin is ace for your guts.

Anyway, it's been a wonderful weekend. Not a great deal accomplished but some sublime time spent with someone who makes me feel alive and special.

It's good. :)

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