By rainie

Burkes Pass

Gitama, Suezette and I left Timaru for the Lakes and Mountains early this morning...destination Twizel.  A trip of less than two hours took us something like eight hours.  
Many many stops, many photos, loads of fun.  
We stopped at Burkes Pass to take a wander around this area, lots of quirky stuff to photograph, I've made this my blip just cause it's a bit different for me.
I've no extras, and can't be bothered going back to find some to delete.  Those that follow me on Facebook will have a chance to see an overview of our day.

It's 10 pm now, one of the three is already tucked up, I reckon you can guess which two are still chin wagging.  

A really fabulous day, what fun to spend in great company surrounded by magnificent scenery.

Take a look at Gitama's blip.


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