By tookie

Remembering m;y mom.....

I'm not even sure why I have posted orange grasses with droplets and then having it be in remembrance of my mom....but I guess it's late, I don't have the images of her ready to post and the feelings just came over me as the day progressed.  She passed away in the night 17 years ago and that plus my Dad's  102nd birthday would have been yesterday are all weighing heavily tonight.  Orange wasn't her favorite color....but it's just where my thoughts are going so tonight I'm honoring her and holding both my parents close to my heart.  
     tomorrow very early we drive to Portland....helping with some grand children care a bit and hoping to see them in their Halloween outfits.  Busy times for the kids so we'll be on our own most of the week then and return early next Thursday am.  I may post some from my phone so as not to have too much back blipping to day.  Thanks for all the lovely comments on Cowboy and the Mukiteo ferry.  I do appreciate all of you a LOT:)  
  in extras are two of Cowboy as he looked yesterday just post his digging!!!!

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