New view

What a chilly day. We started with Leo’s game which Cully won 3-0. That was rather surprising given that their opponents, Whipton, are a good team and hadn’t lost until today - and because all the lads had a late night because of their Halloween party.

Their coach joked that he will have them up until 11pm every Friday night from now so that they keep on winning!

Leo then headed off to a video game party with all his footie mates and Ian and I headed back to Exeter for the Grecians game. It was our first match in the new stand - and we had a lovely view. The old grandstand that this new one replaces had massive pillars that obscured the view so it was a treat to be able to see the full length of the pitch with nothing in the way.

Unfortunately, Exeter lost 2-1 and didn’t play well at all. They have played lots of matches over the past two weeks so hopefully they are just tired and our new seats are not unlucky! I seem to remember that when we first started watching Exeter play from our seats in the old stand they had a rather long losing streak. Hope we are not due more of the same.

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