As I suspected the praying mantis egg case from yesterday had more to come. This morning bunch of nymphs was dangling, apparently all tangled up together. There were at least eight of them. Then, one by one, they carefully extricated themselves and walked off. Most of them found a private spot and exercised their powerful front legs. Some remained in the vicinity, but I saw one flick off, flea-like, to parts unknown.

Just like yesterday’s group they had black eyes, fat tummies and light colouring. They were also larger than the (now) three-day-olds. A few hours later they were smaller, darker, and had green eyes.

I watched these nymphs for about 45 minutes and all that time a three-day-old nymph was stationed about 10 centimetres away eating, first a tiny fly, and then a tinier midge. Methinks he will have some competition after today.

Extra shot: greenfly out on a limb.

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