Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

Diff Day

Up early for the last Big D of the week.  It was a very frosty and cold start to the day.

I didn't get my usual post Big D snooze as I had booked the theatre in Cardiff.  So I made my way there and had lunch in one of the beautiful arcades, and also did some people watching.  

And then to the New Theatre to see a Murder for Two, a musical comedy which was very entertaining.  Both of the actors had to play the piano for some of the musical numbers, and one of the actors had to play 10 different parts, only using props such as glasses, hats and a change in the voice to tell them apart.  It was very good.

And then off to the ice hockey.  After the Rolls Royce performances of last weekend, tonight was like a Lada.  We'd already qualified for the next round of the Challenge Cup but needed to win to guarantee top spot so that we can select our next opponent.  Unfortunately we didn't come out with the same intensity, and Guildford took a 3-0 lead on us.  We did come back, but lost 5-3 in the end.  Disappointing.

The clocks go back tonight so I get an extra hour in bed, which is great because Big D fatigue is catching up on me tonight.

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