... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Magpie Goose-[mis]step

More eccentric in large.
Extra: Our Glorious Emperor
Alternatives: Contrasty eidersBlack spur-winged goose preeningRed-breasted goose, Funny Nene, Red-breased goose & emperor goose

My mother and I went to WWT London in the afternoon: we had both glorious sunshine and a rather wet spell ("good weather for [geese]").
I photographed all the usual suspects, and my mother got much closer shots of the nenes on her phone (and nibbled). They were out of their usual section (quelle surprise) and were mooching with the Emperor geese, red-breasted geese, and barnacle geese. They seemed calmer for the company.
The unusual experiences were getting close to these magpie geese (they're usually in with the nēnēs, and hide in the undergrowth), and getting close to a preening black spur-winged goose which let me catch his splendid iridescent plumage...

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