Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Great not having to have permission to work on the bicycle in the (relative) warmth of the kitchen. Too darned cold for footering about in the dim light of the garage. Now a bit better prepared for setting off in the sub-zero temperatures of tomorrow morning. It's minus four degrees C out there at the moment.

In what now seems like a previous life, I'd a motorbike in the living room of another house - for a year... or two. Just a little 250cc one, and not the big beast. That would've gone through the floor with its colossal weight - there's photographic evidence, for the other journal, some day.

Car moved today, for the first time in eight weeks. About ten metres. I shoved it into the garage. The disconnected battery was holding charge fine, but I stuck it on trickle charge, just to be sure. The lack of use doesn't seem to have been good for the tyres, as three of them are now regularly loosing several PSI of pressure each week.

Had finally succeeded in sorting the monitor woes that have been plaguing various photo related matters (editing, and viewing on the Internet) for a long time. So yesterday I'd managed to tweak a load of this year photos (Blipped) ones, so that the colours and contrast looked much better. Today, after a local person was probably doing some DIY house electrics... and the electricity was briefly cut off, the darned monitor's gone back to problem mode. So unbelievably frustrating, is the very polite version.

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